About FloatHub

FloatHub is peace of mind for boaters. It combines hardware and software to let you know what's going on with your vessel, especially when you can't be on board.

It's important to understand that FloatHub is both a physical device you install in your boat and a set of services that allow you to monitor and interact with your vessel's data. Below is a screenshot of the main web-based interface. You can click on the image below to see our demo page, which includes a live data feed from a FloatHub-equipped vessel:

Because your FloatHub device is constantly relaying information about your vessel and its systems, the website gives you an up to date view of the state of your boat. Fully customizable event rules can alert you by email or sms if, for example, a battery voltage drops too low or your boat moves away from your mooring point. The onboard systems for gathering and transmitting data include:

There are two hardware versions of the FloatHub device:

  • The standard WiFi model uses onboard or nearby/marina WiFi to transmit data about your vessel.
  • The cellular version adds GSM data capabilities to the device, enabling data transmission in areas where there is no WiFi coverage (but there is cellular coverage).

Your FloatHub can also transmit industry standard NMEA-0183 data over WiFi. So your phone, tablet, or laptop charting application can display realtime data about your vessel while you're onboard. If you've wired an AIS receiver to FloatHub's high speed data port, you can even see data about other vessels in the vicinity that are transmitting AIS information.

Below you can watch our Kickstarter Video, which includes more background information on FloatHub:

You can also head over to the support center to get a more in depth explanation